Can you provide us with an estimate?

Combitrans will perform a pre-move survey free of charge and with no obligation. During the survey we will estimate the volume of the items to be moved, determine the accessibility of your residence and will discuss options for self packing and disassembly of furniture. Based on the results of the pre-move survey we will be pleased to present you with a quotation.

Can we buy or rent moving boxes?

You may buy or rent moving boxes. The rent is approximately €2.00 per box and the boxes may be kept for one month. A security deposit is required and will be refunded upon return of the moving boxes in good condition. You may also buy new and/or used removal boxes. The price is dependant on the type and size of the removal box.

Do you also take house pets and / or plants?

We always recommend that you relocate your pet(s) personally, as it is best for your pets.Indoor plants are moved in our moving trucks; however, Combitrans will not assume any liability for these plants. Although the international driver will water the plants during transport, the lack of sunlight in our containers in addition to the environmental factors, such as extreme heat and freezing temperatures, are not beneficial to the condition of your plants.

Can Combitrans also move heavy items?

Certainly, we can move pianos, sculptures, safes, etc. We have specialized tools, equipment and experience which enables us to deal with these matters efficiently and expediently.

Is everything insured if I pack my goods myself?

The insurance and general terms and conditions make a clear distinction between boxes packed by the movers and boxes packed by the client. If you pack the boxes yourself, you assume responsibility for the packing; therefore, you are not insured. Yet, for example, if a mover accidentally drops a box, the remover is responsible.

If our house overseas is not yet available, can we temporarily store our household goods with Combitrans?

This question is often asked and many clients make use of our storage facilities. Combitrans Removals has several warehouses that meet the highest standards and requirements.
For large volume moves, Combitrans offers the option of having your household goods packed at your home and placed directly into a storage container. This container is transported to our storage facility and then lifted by our internal container crane and placed in our temperature controlled and electronically secure storage facility. Smaller volumes are loaded into storage vaults after they have been collected at your residence (maximum 7m3 per container).

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If you wish a visit to your house, one of our moving consultants will come by and perform a pre-move survey. During this survey he will assess which household goods will be moved and which are to stay to calculate the size of the move. Apart from this the consultant will enquire if you will be packing your goods or if the Combitrans team will take care of this. He will also check the access to your home, discuss whether furniture will need to be disassembled / re-assembled and discuss any other special handling which may be required.

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