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Yes, definitely! Combitrans can perform a pre-move survey free of charge and with no obligation. During the survey, we will estimate the volume of the items to be moved, determine the accessibility of your residence, and discuss options for self packing and disassembly of furniture. Based on the results of the pre-move survey, we will be pleased to present you with a quotation. If you would like to request this survey, fill in your details below!

Yes, we are. Although Combitrans has experience in removals all of Europe, we are mostly specialised in transportation to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

For household goods with high emotional and/or financial value, we understand you want to make sure they are transported with the highest caution. Therefore, we can provide a packing standard that is required for overseas moves. This means that the item is wrapped in bubble wrap and then in carton. If you wish, we can then pack it in a customised wooden crate for even more protection of your treasured items.

Yes, you can buy packing material with us. The exact price depends on the type and size of packing that you need, so get in touch with us for more information!

Don’t worry, these types of issues occur a lot! At Combitrans we have all necessary moving equipment and experience in order to solve such problems, so we will prepare a good solution before we even started moving your furniture.

We always recommend that you relocate your pet(s) personally, as it is best for your pets wellbeing. Indoor plants can be moved in our moving trucks. However, we are not able to not assume any liability for them. After all, although the international driver will water the plants during transport, the lack of sunlight in our containers in addition to the environmental factors -such as extreme heat and freezing temperatures- are not beneficial to the condition of your plants.

Of course! We can move pianos, sculptures, safes, and much more. We have specialised tools, equipment and years of experience in place, which enables us to deal with these matters efficiently and expediently.

Yes, you can! This is often requested, and many clients make use of our storage facilities. At Combitrans Removals we have several warehouses that meet the highest standards and requirements, so your household goods will be stored away safely.

Yes, we are also happy to help you with small volumes! We are specialised in combination transport, which means that a number of smaller shipments are combined in a moving container and sent to, for example, France. This keeps your removal rates low, due to the fixed charges being shared.

Free quotation request

Would you like to get a FREE quotation? One of our moving consultants can come by and perform a non-binding pre-move survey. During this survey, he will :

1. Assess which household goods will be moved and which are to stay to calculate the size of the move.

2. Enquire whether you will be packing your goods or if the Combitrans team will take care of this.

3. Check the access to your home.

4. Assess which furniture will need to be disassembled / re-assembled.

5. Discuss any other special handling which may be required.

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