We are a removal company in Marbella, Spain. We have years of experience in both domestic removals and corporate removals, as in international moving and secure storage, and therefore can seamlessly cover your moving project from and to anywhere in the world. Check out our expertise in different fields, or get in touch for a free quote for your project.

Why choose Combitrans?
Thousands of satisfied families

Combitrans was founded in 1996 and since then has moved thousands of families worldwide. Our experienced and multilingual personnel has a lot of know-how in all kinds of moves and will give you the reassuring feeling that your move will be coordinated and executed in the most professional way.

Your ware, our care

At Combitrans we are well aware of the fact that moving can be stressful. Our goal is to take all of that stress away and to provide you with a trouble-free transition to your new location. We achieve this by making a tailored planning of the moving project together, and by exclusively working with outstanding personnel to execute the plan.

Combitrans reliable partner network
Reliable partner network

Our longstanding and valuable partnerships make absolutely sure that you are only dealing with high quality International Removal companies, wherever you are moving. We only work with international moving companies that share our goals, values and practices, and always meet our strict financial standards.

Free quotation request

Would you like to get a FREE quotation? One of our moving consultants can come by and perform a non-binding pre-move survey. During this survey, he will :

1. Assess which household goods will be moved and which are to stay to calculate the size of the move.

2. Enquire whether you will be packing your goods or if the Combitrans team will take care of this.

3. Check the access to your home.

4. Assess which furniture will need to be disassembled / re-assembled.

5. Discuss any other special handling which may be required.

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