Storage services

An important supporting service we offer is the secured storage of household goods and inventory. We have a huge storage capacity, available for both long term and short term storage.

With the extra service of storage you can always temporarily and securely store your belongings before actually moving into your new home. Whether your goods simply won’t fit due to a lack of space, or if your new home or business is bing renovated or otherwise unavailable, we will take care of them for you until you need them.

Moreover, this provides us with the extra advantage of having your belongings well in advance of an international removal, so that we can make the moving process even smoother!

If you want to know more about our storage rates give us a call or Contact Combitrans Marbella using our online contact form.

Combitrans Storage Facilities
Free quotation request

Would you like to get a FREE quotation? One of our moving consultants can come by and perform a non-binding pre-move survey. During this survey, he will :

1. Assess which household goods will be moved and which are to stay to calculate the size of the move.

2. Enquire whether you will be packing your goods or if the Combitrans team will take care of this.

3. Check the access to your home.

4. Assess which furniture will need to be disassembled / re-assembled.

5. Discuss any other special handling which may be required.

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